2018; The year of Nothing, if You do Nothing!

Happy new year everyone! We at ACMI are more than glad to see this year and are excited of all that is ahead., exciting or otherwise. We have been encouraged by Bishop Mulandi to put in a different kind of effort for better results this year, to work hard, so to reap all that we are looking forward to.

The poster used for the Drama

After the Christmas break, we have come back energised and with hope in this new year. These past weeks much has already happened. We started off with a play dubbed Heaven’s Gates, and Hell’s Flames. It was held in CCIT church, a play by CITAM who incorporated some of our staff in it, and which saw over 100 people that committed their lives to Christ after watching the play. Glory to God!

Construction at Journey of Hope home
Feeding program in the slum visit
Poster for the Open-air meetings

Paul and Cindy Mullet and Bishop Mullet arrived in the country with teams that are working in Journey of Hope Home’s chicken project, working on the buildings and others are in ACMI working on the office block. The team also participated in a slum visit that saw 500 ministered to and shared a meal with them, and did a school visit, and shared a meal with the 400 pupils and 8 teachers.

Pastors Daniel Poland and Dave miller and his wife Ruthanne are also in and are participating in a 4-day open air meeting every evening from Thursday. We are grateful to God for their availability and sacrifice.

Over the coming weekend, there has been organised a couples’ seminar by some of the visiting ministers in collaboration with the local ones. The street meetings end on Sunday evening.

As we covet your prayers in our programs, may our God richly bless you!

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