Serving Faithfully to the End…

On Wednesday 7th March, the ACMI staff joined by CCIT staff had a luncheon to bid Charmaine Reimer goodbye and Godspeed.

Praying for Charmaine
We already are
Rev. Betty remembers moments with Charmaine
Cake cutting
Sharing cake with Staff

Charmaine has faithfully served with ACMI in under Operation Hope for five years. She moves on and we pray that all she does be successful.

Over the weekend, we were involved in two major missions, one in Kitui and the other in Thika town, in Kitui school and Chania Girls High School respectively. A total of 399 students came to Christ in both missions.

Bishop Mulandi preaching in Kitui School Rally.

Praying for the New Believers

Thank you for always praying for us, May God meet your every need and keep you in Him always.

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