Onward We Move

we at ACMI under the leadership and guidance of Bishop Mulandi, have been recently busy with both high schools and primary schools. April however found us resting a bit as students are away for their holidays. We resume in May.

The Life Changers have been retreating for the past few days, in prayer as they seek direction, guidance, strength, favor and divine enablement to carry out their assignment.

This month however, we have a Chaplaincy training running from 19-21st in Makueni county. It is aimed at training school CU Patrons and Christian teachers so that they are able to do discipleship on the students who come to the Lord during our visits to their schools.

The Chaplaincy training poster

We also have an Interdenominational Missions Training running from 17-19th in Kitui. It is a Youth Mentorship Summit. on 21st we train ministers to Primary Schools. We covet your prayers.

Thank you for always holding our hand as we do ministry, we pray that God may richly richly bless you.


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