Changing the World, One Child at a Time

Bishop Mulandi has a burden for orphaned children especially due to HIV/AIDS. Operation Hope program under ACMI caters for the needs of such children. He has also put up a home, an orphanage for the very needy cases. over the school Holidays, usually, April, August and December we hold camps for these children to mentor them and love on them.

This April, the camp was in Kibwezi, in Makueni county towards the East of the country. We had 98 children in attendance with about 10 of them coming to Christ during the camp that lasted 4 days. The children were taught, encouraged, they played and had a time of their lives. At the end, the outstanding children in discipline, school performance, best improved e.t.c. were given awards. We also held a meeting for the guardians, and a revival meeting. Thank you our sponsors, partners and friends, for holding our hand this far. We appreciate.

Children in prayer during the camp
Bishop Mulandi awards this girl
…and this boy


While there, we stumbled upon a family of 10, through the local county administration,  children living with the great grandmother and her granddaughter who is mad and is the mother of 7 of these children. the children are between the age of 5 months to 12 years. The 2 elder children are sponsored in school by the headteacher the rest don’t attend school since they cannot afford. We are currently looking for sponsors for them. If you’d like to be part of their support, one time or for a period of time, write to us at and we can let you know how. What a joy to impact these little ones for they are our tomorrow.

Blessings to you and your families!

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