Who We Are

African Christian Mission International (ACMI) is an international outreach ministry under the Christian Church International Church (CCI), both founded by Bishop Dr. Henry Z. Mulandi. ACMI networks with partners for evangelism, discipleship and humanitarian aid to many parts of the world. ACMI headquarter offices are based in Thika – Kenya (Africa). Other offices are located in USA, Canada and Australia, and Thailand.

Christian Church International (CCI) formerly ACCEA (African Christian Church of East Africa) was registered with the Kenyan government in 1964. ACMI, formerly ACM, was founded in 1992, when Bishop Mulandi saw the need of reaching out in highschools, colleges and universities with the gospel of Christ. This was done through preaching in open-air meetings (crusades/street meetings) all over the country and planting of churches in different villages in collaboration with the local churches. He also saw the need of reaching out to the refugees by ministering to their spiritual, emotional and physical needs through provision of God’s word, food and clothing. The latter saw the establishment of an ACMI base in Nothern Kenya, Kakuma, which boarders the country towards Sudan.

ACMI is a holistic ministry of Christian Church International, reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, equipping men and women for the work of the ministry, helping them discover their potential, calling and mobilizing them to reach out to those in need.

OUR VISION: Reaching out to minister and serve!

OUR BROAD OBJECTIVE: To Minister and Serve for Change.