Ministering to students

Friends I’m back at it again. I realized that God had called me to the ministry of young people in the 70s. As we got into 1980s, I went into church planting, which was a good idea because now I have institutions that can take care of the people that I bring into the kingdom of God. But about 3 or 4 years ago, the Lord appeared to me. Among the things he reminded me of, is the ministry to the young people in institutions: colleges, high schools and even primary schools. As you go through the pages of this newsletter, you will feel my heartbeat as I share the gospel in weekend challenges, high school rallies, and spending time with  orphans in the orphanage that we run. God, by His Holy Spirit has rekindled that fire in me in my old age and I want to be faithful to that calling. That’s why I share with you in this newsletter. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve held big rallies in the Eastern region of Kenya. In Kasikeu, over 3000 students in attendance, 673 stood and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. In Mwingi, over 1600 students attending a rally, about 100 came to the kingdom. And the story is the same every weekend. As the students get saved in big numbers, as we walk alongside Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF), we’ve realized that the numbers are huge and they need people to disciple them, to mentor them to walk alongside them in the schools. We have therefore started a Diploma course in School Ministry Chaplaincy. We’ve spent days with high school teachers in Makueni where now we’ve started training 95 teachers. In Kitui, we are doing the same. We may have a 100 teachers in the month of June to train. These will be given tools of discipling the young in faith in their schools and walking them to maturity. I ask you and plead with you my prayer partner, my supporter in ministry to pray seriously for this work as we prepare the Kenya of tomorrow. Over the last couple of years, the Lord has led me into offices where I’ve had the privilege to meet MDs CEOs, Managers, people who are running companies and corporations and running them well. Men of faith and men of integrity. Each one of them will remind me the moment in their lives when I met them in a rally, in a weekend challenge, in a youth camp where they made a decision to follow Jesus and that made a big difference in their future and in their undertakings today. Those are some of the men and women who are behind this ministry today. As I do the same today, leading many others to the Lord today, I am looking at Kenya in the future another 10 years from now. These young men and women will be the next Bishops, Pastors, Apostles, MDs, Senators, Members of Parliament. They are in these groups that I am addressing now. I guess in 50 years from today, somebody will look back and remember our efforts in the school ministry we’re doing today. So I do ask you before you put this newsletter down, pray for me and for our ministry. Send us a letter of encouragement and support, give a financial gift to support the ministry and I can tell you this , God will bless you in the ministry of African Christian Missions International.

Bishop Mulandi.